Evil vs. Crazy

Emile Jean Horace Vernet : A Sea Nymph (1863)

Evil vs. Crazy

These two concepts get mushed up together because they fall outside of “norms”, the usual behaviors we expect.

Well, evil is crazy, isn’t it? I mean, evil in sense of doing things that hurt others and ourselves. It’s wrapped up with the intention to harm, to pay back, to “teach them a lesson.”

Crazy also falls outside of norms. But crazy isn’t necessarily evil; it’s just treated as it is. I’m not talking about legalistic definitions, or definitions made up in order to bill insurance or suppress unusual behavior. I think that is itself much closer to evil than crazy. But crazy can involve creativity and seeing the world in new ways. People flying out into space? The world is round? Weren’t those ideas crazy at the time?

Be crazy. Don’t be evil.

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