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Eros : Denise Levertov

Eros The flowerlike animal perfume in the god’s curly hair — don’t assume that like a flower his attributes are there to tempt you or direct the moth’s hunger — simply he is the temple of himself, hair and hide … Continue reading

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Hayden Carruth : The Cows at Night

The Cows at Night The moon was like a full cup tonight, too heavy, and sank in the mist soon after dark, leaving for light faint stars and the silver leaves of milkweed beside the road, gleaming before my car. … Continue reading

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And Day Brought Back My Night

And Day Brought Back My Night It was so simple: you came back to me And I was happy. Nothing seemed to matter But that. That you had gone away from me And lived for days with him–it didn’t matter. … Continue reading

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The Visit : Hans Magnus Enzensberger

The Visit When I looked up from my blank page there was an angel in the room. A rather commonplace angel, presumably of lower rank. You cannot imagine, he said, the degree to which you’re dispensable. Of the fifteen thousand … Continue reading

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Sam Hamill: Coming to This

Coming to This I empty myself of my hands my hands & what they touched they hold nothing anyway I empty myself of light I am blind as a cowbell tolling in the rain I drive out my voice & … Continue reading

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