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A man who transforms you into poetry – Nizar Kabbani

When you find a man Who transforms Every part of you Into poetry, Who makes each one of your hairs Into a poem, When you find a man, Capable, As I am Of bathing and adorning you With poetry, I … Continue reading

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Ars Poetica – Primus St. John

Ars Poetica At the edge of the forest In the middle of the darkness There is a hand, As cold as copper, Like a river Stretched over wide stones. Despite the hard rocks And the furious wind I love her … Continue reading

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I Married You – Linda Pastan

I Married You I married you for all the wrong reasons, charmed by your dangerous family history, by the innocent muscles, bulging like hidden weapons under your shirt, by your naive ties, the colors of painted scraps of sunset. I … Continue reading

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