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The Lust of the Eyes, Lizzie Siddal

The Lust of the Eyes I care not for my Lady’s soul     Though I worship before her smile; I care not where be my Lady’s goal     When her beauty shall lose its wile. Low sit I down at my Lady’s … Continue reading

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Doomsday, Sylvia Plath

Doomsday The idiot bird leaps out and drunken leans Atop the broken universal clock: The hour is crowed in lunatic thirteens. Our painted stages fall apart by scenes While all the actors halt in mortal shock: The idiot bird leaps … Continue reading

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You are Tired (I Think), E.E. Cummings

You Are Tired (I Think) You are tired, (I think) Of the always puzzle of living and doing; And so am I. Come with me, then, And we’ll leave it far and far away— (Only you and I, understand!) You … Continue reading

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For Mark Strand and His Moon, Anne Bach

For Mark Strand and His Moon Reading Mark Strand’s beautiful, sharp, Ragged words, late at night – I wish I had such vision He suddenly reminds me to look out My own window She shines full behind the dark Hanging … Continue reading

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To Arielle and the Moon, David Trinidad

To Arielle and the Moon The night reduced to a siren, a sigh: Beautiful boy on the treadmill Glimpsed sweating through sweating glass— My new moon. Sylvia’s moon: a smiling skull Snagged in witchy branches; fossil Brushed free of blackest … Continue reading

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Eve, Christina Rossetti

Eve “While I sit at the door Sick to gaze within Mine eye weepeth sore For sorrow and sin: As a tree my sin stands To darken all lands; Death is the fruit it bore. “How have Eden bowers grown … Continue reading

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Uses of Sorrow, Mary Oliver

Uses of Sorrow (In my sleep I dreamed this poem) Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift. ~Mary Oliver Art: Detail from Dantis Amor … Continue reading

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