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Self Pity

Self-Pity I never saw a wild thing …sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. ~D.H. Lawrence

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The History of Poetry

Our masters are gone and if they returned Who among us would hear them, who would know The bodily sound of heaven of the heavenly sound Of the body, endless and vanishing, that tuned Our days before the wheeling stars … Continue reading

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Matthea Harvey: Frederick Courteney Selous’ Letters to His Love

I once saw my life through the lens of one of your amber earrings saw tiny skeletons caught in the silver oval with no chance of struggling free and felt trapped and suffused with all the sweetness and stickiness of … Continue reading

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George Oppen: The Gesture

The question is: how does one hold an apple Who likes apples And how does one handle Filth? The question is How does one hold something In the mind which he intends To grasp and how does the salesman Hold … Continue reading

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Mary Oliver: The Journey

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice— though the whole house began to tremble and you felt the old tug at your ankles. “Mend my … Continue reading

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