The Piano Speaks – Sandra Beasley

The Piano Speaks

after Erik Satie

For an hour I forgot my fat self,
my neurotic innards, my addiction to alignment.

For an hour I forgot my fear of rain.

For an hour I was a salamander
shimmying through the kelp in search of shore,
and under his fingers the notes slid loose
from my belly in a long jellyrope of eggs
that took root in the mud. And what

would hatch, I did not know—
a lie. A waltz. An apostle of glass.

For an hour I stood on two legs
and ran. For an hour I panted and galloped.

For an hour I was a maple tree,
and under the summer of his fingers
the notes seeded and winged away

in the clutch of small, elegant helicopters.

~Sandra Beasley

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3 Responses to The Piano Speaks – Sandra Beasley

  1. Ms says:

    ♫ Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No.1 ♫

    2 min – Aug 11, 2006 – Uploaded by kyromaster
    This was a private video only used for my avatar, I just changed it to public…nothing new… The left hand should be lighter though…but my …

  2. Ms says:

    Just one more….because it is complete and the images are truly lovely…

  3. Felicitari pentru articol! Mi-a placut mult.

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