Dan Chelotti: 1987



If only the moon
would part the clouds
so the melon vender,
bored, would be unable
to leave his stand.
So that I could buy a melon.
He hasn’t been there
for ten years, and for that
he was only there
one night. Why
do I remember him?
Why do I fantasize
about buying or not
buying a watermelon?
Why do I remember
the spider outside Sears
on an early winter
day in 1987 when
I am standing
in a supermarket
looking at the fat content
on a bag of chips?
“For God’s sake
where do the things
that matter go?”
He hands me a melon
and doesn’t answer.
Just grins at the money
in my outstretched hand.

Dan Chelotti

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1 Response to Dan Chelotti: 1987

  1. vmaz52 says:

    Watermelon and melon are very tasty …. but the chips tickle the taste!

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