The Artist as Bear, Jane Yolen

Bear, John Schoenherr

Bear, John Schoenherr


The Artist As Bear

In the softness of the year,
she follows green trails.
Stands by the rush of river
pulls silver fish into her mouth.
Summer berries spurt
between her long teeth.
Wind tickles across her back.
She meets with other bears
in warning and worry.
She growls.

In the harshness of the year
she travels in dreams,
the cave her curtain.
She feasts on her own belly,
gives birth to herself,
nurses without thought.
Dark contains her,
sustains her, keeps her safe.
as she slims down to the real,
finds meaning in her night.

Bear knows that to journey in,
she must first journey out.
An old story, but a true one.

~Jane Yolen


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