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Woody Guthrie: Most Times

Most times When I catch myself Thinkin about you An That’s Most times Seems like I wanta get it out Some way Just Sorta Some way I get to just lookin around At things you laid your hand on An … Continue reading

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For Jane, with all the love I had, which was not enough

For Jane: With All The Love I Had, Which Was Not Enough I pick up the skirt, I pick up the sparkling beads in black, this thing that moved once around flesh, and I call God a liar, I say … Continue reading

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Robert Kelly: Poem for Easter

Poem for Easter Robert Kelly All women are beautiful as they rise exultant from the ruins they make of us. . . and this woman who lies back informing the sheets has slain me with all day love and now … Continue reading

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Love Poem

Love Poem I love this poem. I would do anything for this poem. I am not above stealing for example. I stole in the past and I stole from the past and I’d gladly steal from your past for this … Continue reading

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Eros : Denise Levertov

Eros The flowerlike animal perfume in the god’s curly hair — don’t assume that like a flower his attributes are there to tempt you or direct the moth’s hunger — simply he is the temple of himself, hair and hide … Continue reading

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No wonder you are the way you are

Love Poem There is always something to be made of pain. Your mother knits. She turns out scarves in every shade of red. They were for Christmas, and they kept you warm while she married over and over, taking you … Continue reading

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The Other Kingdoms ~ Mary Oliver

The Other Kingdoms   Consider the other kingdoms.  The trees, for example, with their mellow-sounding titles: oak, aspen, willow. Or the snow, for which the peoples of the north have dozens of words to describe its different arrivals.  Or the … Continue reading

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To Mention an Orchid to a Storm

to mention an orchid to a storm by the long, cool dark of her hair, i am divided; as if i were a yes torn between too many no’s, as if the night had a flavor all its own, and … Continue reading

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Fionula Dowling – Ways of Keeping

Ways of Keeping I have kept my love for you like an unloved dog, chained up in the yard. You have kept your love for me pressed between pages of a well-loved book. With a diamond, secretly, you have etched … Continue reading

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