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The Wind, Terri Windling

Once upon a time there was a girl, there was a boy, there was a poor woman who wanted, there was a queen who couldn’t have, there was witch who lived under, there was a green frog at the bottom … Continue reading

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Inside An Old Book of Poems by Mistral, Wendy Howe

Inside An Old Book Of Poems By Mistral Part of me lingers here, a garment of loose script on the fly leaf, an unhemmed draft of something or nothing. This book has been stitched by hand. Its paper stiff; but … Continue reading

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The Night Journey, Terri Windling

Go by coombe, by candle light, by moonlight, starlight, stepping stone, and step o’er bracken, branches, briars, and go tonight, and go alone, go by water, go by willow, go by ivy, oak and ash, and rowan berries red as … Continue reading

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